#FeatureFriday: Validating SolarWinds Database Maintenance

Welcome to “Feature Friday”, a series of (typically short) videos which explain a feature, function, or technique.

One of the key aspects of SolarWinds tools are their ease of use. Other enterprise-class monitoring solutions require you to have subject matter experts on hand to help with implementation and maintenance. SolarWinds can be installed by a single technician and doesn’t require you to have a DBA or Linux expert or CCIE on hand. 

But that doesn’t mean there’s no maintenance happening. And while a lot of it is automated, it’s important for folks who are responsible for the SolarWinds toolset to understand whether that maintenance is running correctly.

In this video, Head Geeks Kong Yang, Patrick Hubbard, and I go over the SolarWinds maintenance subroutines and how to see whether things are happy or not under the hood.

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