#FeatureFriday: SolarWinds NPM Syslog/Trap Health

Welcome to “Feature Friday”, a series of (typically short) videos which explain a feature, function, or technique.

A frequently misunderstood aspect of setting up a monitoring solution is how to handle syslog and trap. Without going too deeply into it here (because the video below does a great job of that) the volume of messages in some environments can overwhelm the most robust software on the beefiest hardware.

The simple fact is that syslog and trap are chatty protocols. If you don’t have a design in place that can filter out the noise, you may end up thinking your monitoring solution is performing poorly when it is merely struggling under the weight of an unmanageable message stream.

In this video, I explain to my fellow SolarWinds Head Geeks Kong Yang and Patrick Hubbard exactly how this happens  and how build a design that avoids the problem in the first place.

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