IT Life Coach: Tips for the Busy SysAdmin

(“In Case You Missed It Monday” is my chance to showcase something that I wrote and published in another venue, but is still relevant. This week’s post originally appeared on THWACK)

In the first IT Life Coach video, Kevin (KMSigma) and I wanted to avoid all the trite and simplistic advice floating around and offer some specific techniques and commands we find useful daily. You can check out the whole thing here:

We discuss command line shortcuts—not so much a specific utility as it is a set of habits you should train your hands to use. Things like autocompletion, using wildcards in commands and paths, command history, and so on.

As far as specific commands, in this video we look at netnetsh, and runas; along with a trick to make the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) easier to get to on your system.

You’ll also get to see Kevin and I fanboy over the new Windows Terminal, which allows me to pull up an Ubuntu prompt on my Windows 10 box when I just need to go to my happy place.

Along the way, we also dig into some DHCP architecture hints and how to monitor DHCP when you have multiple servers in remote locations. Because of course we must discuss monitoring at least little bit.

As I said in the first post, Kevin and I hope you’ll take a few moments to watch this video or read the transcript, and maybe even share with friends.

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