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Who We Are

AdatoSystems is your typical “me, myself and I” company. Leon Adato (that’s me) does all the work from soup to nuts. Unless you count the financial stuff, and then you have to include my brilliant and beautiful wife.

How We Think

Adatosystems is a provider of low-cost web solutions. Our goal is to create an elegant, simple, professional site which requires little in the way of maintenance and allows you the greatest control over your content. I’m not in the business of forging unbreakable financial umbilical cords between you and me. You are not my “cash cow”. I believe in setting up a site that you can (with a little education) maintain on your own. If you want to pay me an ongoing fee to change a sentence here or move a graphic there, I’m not going to refuse your money. But I want you to have a choice.

Our web site designs and web-based solutions are created using free templates and open-source software as well as tools and designs we’ve created through the years. We create the “framework” of the site – the web pages, menus and such and then let you fill in the actual content because you, after all, are the best person to write about you!

This collaborative approach requires that both Adatosystems and the customer work as partners. We are ready and able to handle the technical aspects, but look to the customer to create the web page content, upload photos to photo galleries, add your products into the inventory system, etc. Over the long term, it is the customer, not Adatosystems who will derive the benefit of an up-to-date website, so our goal is to empower and enable the customer to do just that.

How We Are Different

First and foremost, we’re cheap. In many cases, our rates are a tenth of what you might pay out in the general marketplace.

Second, we do what many web design companies are afraid of: we put the power and potential of the web into YOUR hands. Of course, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We allow you to write your own web content without messing up the “web stuff” like the menus, colors, etc. But just because we let you create a page with 16 different fonts in yellow, fuscia and lime green doesn’t mean you should. Good design choices rest on your shoulders as much as it does on ours.

Also, by allowing you to create and maintain your own content, the presumption is that YOU WILL! If people visit your web site and realize that it hasn’t been updated in 3 months, they aren’t likely to come back again. The responsibility rests with you.

Finally, we’re different because we tell you exactly what we charge, and what those charges include. Most web design companies hem and haw and give vague guidelines about hourly rates, hoping you sign a contract. This creates the worst possible conditions for creative work to happen. By putting a flat rate on the table up-front, AdatoSystems ensures we get a fee we think is fair for the work we produce, and nobody worries about going a half hour over on a meeting.

We Think Your Website Should

  • Reflect your unique point of view and goals simply and clearly
  • Be easy for visitors to use to learn about you
  • Be flexible enough to include new technologies as you grow into them
  • Be easy for you to update your content at any time
  • Not cost an arm, a leg or anything else you wouldn’t willingly part with

Our Process

First, Adatosystems and the customer meets (via phone or face to face) to discuss design ideas, color choices, etc. Before the actual web coding starts, we provide a mock-up and verbal “walk-through” of the proposed site for your approval. Note that once you tell us “that’s my final answer” (ie: give written approval), any changes to layout, design or functionality are still possible – at a cost of $100 per change request.

Of course, Adatosystems will always be around even after our project is done at an hourly rate of $75 per hour. While we are open to contracts involving ongoing support and site administration, there should be very little needed for most organizations. AdatoSystems has several customers who have required less than one support call every quarter for the last 3 years.

The rates below do not include the domain name or website hosting itself, which is usually around $50-$90 per year depending on the capacity and service provider selected. Adatosystems will make recommendations on a hosting provider and assist in setting everything up, but ownership of these elements will reside with the customer.

Upon completion of the site, Adatosystems will provide all logins and access information needed to maintain the site.

Our websites work in all modern browsers. This does not include Internet Explorer 6 or older, as that abomination is over 10 years old. Please upgrade your browsers or we’ll include our “Mock you till you drop” service free of charge.

A few examples of our work appear on the “Customers” page. But the real story is what we can do for YOU. There is nothing cookie-cutter about your organization, so our approach is anything but. We’ll find out your business goals, your technical challenges, and present you with options on how we can help.

Get Started now: Call us at 440-539-6131 or email

If you have questions or would like to strike up a conversation with us, please , email us.

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