About Leon

So who is this Leon guy, anyway?!?

This is where I hang up my professional hat, when I’m not saving the world from inefficient systems management processes.

What I do

In my sordid career, I have been an actor, bug exterminator and wild-animal remover (nothing crazy like pumas or wildebeasts. Just skunks and raccoons.), electrician, carpenter, stage-combat instructor/choreographer, sign-language interpreter, and teacher.
(cue superhero music)
By the light of day, I’m a mild mannered IT specialist focusing on building and managing monitoring monstrosities… I mean systems. I work with tools like Tivoli, BMC Patrol. HP Openview, SolarWinds and NetIQ (and much much more!) to help customers sleep easy at night while simultaneously waking up the appropriate staff if – and only if – there is a real emergency to deal with.
But when night falls, I put on a colorful costume (which bears the uncanny resemblance of torn-up jeans and a t-shirt) and become WEBMan – designer, coder and all-around webmaster for hire. I work primarily in PHP, CSS and HTML with dabblings in Javascript as needed for various tasks. I’m also comfortable with Adobe Flash, MySQL and MS SQL databases and queries and various CMS systems including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, WebCalendar, Coppermine and probably a few I’m forgetting to list here.

What you should know about me

I talk – and communicate (email, IM, memos, manuals, lists, updates) a lot. But the “about” page of a web site may not be the best place for all of that. Check out my resume and/or my professional blog. You can also check out my articles and appearances. Or drop me a line or give me a call. Strike up a conversation. I’ve always got time to share a thought or two.
Thanks again for stopping by!

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