What’s Up with the AdatoSystems.com Website?

If you haven’t visited in a while, or if you are following a link looking for one of my old documents, you may be asking yourself “where did everything go?”

In a word, I got focused.

AdatoSystems has always been a “me, myself and I” operation, and the website has therefore always focused on whatever it is that I was focused on. Since I split my time fairly evenly between the completely-not-overlapping areas of systems monitoring and automation on the one hand, and website design and monitoring on the other, the website has always suffered from a bit of an identity crisis.

While it didn’t bother me too much, it was increasingly confusing to my customers. The old logo – highly monitoring-centric – was just a bit overwhelming to my website customers. And my blog comment was almost entirely related to web design, which left out people who came here looking for monitoring ideas.


To resolve this, I created two sub-sites, each dedicated to it’s specific area of focus. There is monitoring.adatosystems.com (focused on monitoring, of course). And the site devoted to web design is named, aptly enough, webdesign.adatosystems.com.

This original site, www.adatosystems.com, remains, and will be the place I post some of my more generic (or esoteric) ideas.

Everything will link back to the social media you are probably using to following me anyway – my Twitter feed, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

So look for more monitoring articles to appear on the Monitoring and Webdesign subsites in the coming days and weeks. I’ll be moving some of the old stuff from the main site that belongs here, as well as generating brand new content for you to enjoy.

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