Reader and Weep

Feedly. That’s my answer. If you are interested in the rest, keep reading.

Today is the day Google Reader dies. I have been working for weeks to find the write blog to write about it. In the end – very much like my experiences with the Y2K crisis – it’s more or less a non-issue.

Y2K was a crisis. It was simply a crisis handled in the best possible way: with awareness far ahead of time, a lot of planning, a lot of budget to ensure the problem was solved in advance, and a yawner of a non-issue on 1/1/2000. Yay team!

Google Reader being shut down, on the other hand, is not a crisis. Not a national one and not even a personal one.

But similar to Y2K, the fact that it was not only announced to users, but also discussed in the blogspace, twitterverse, facebook-o-sphere, etc. meant that people who used it knew about it, and people who had viable options were able to clean up their offerings in time. Or create new ones.


So, what options are out there? Gizmodo did a better job of listing them than I could. In the end I looked at 3 or 4, and found one that fit my needs.

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