Me In Three! (Ok, four. OK, maybe five.)

First, as should be clear if you read more than half a blog post, I’m a computer geek, data nerd, tech fanboi – use whatever vaguely deprecating term you like.

Second. I write (and talk, and communicate). Like, a lot. I’ve authored several books, and hundreds of articles; spoken at conferences; and made a bunch of videos.

Third, I’m the host of the Technically Religious podcast.

But most importantly, I get to be the husband to one of the smartest (and most patient) women on the planet; a father to 4 pretty awesome people; and grandfather (“Papu”) to 3 of the cutest humans you’ll ever meet. I’m also an Orthodox Jew. 33+ year I.T. veteran. And an insufferable know-it-all. The opinions you read here are both plentiful and my own.

Enjoy the bloggy ramblings you’ll find below or feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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