#BlogElul Day 9: See

Unlike “know” (which I wrote about earlier), “see” is powerful in the IT context all on it’s own.

“Let’s see” expresses open-ness to the truth that our data shows

“We’ll see” is a way of showing both patience as well as a healthy skepticism that ensures our own biases aren’t affecting our understanding of a particular result.

There’s an old saying that when someone says “but”, they are going to contradict whatever they just stated. “That’s a great idea, but (it’s really not)”; “I would love to help you, but (I really don’t want to)”, etc.

In the same way that “But” is a linguistic flag to the listener for contradiction, “See” can be the word that indicates an openness to innovation, to testing, to change.

Listen for it, and act accordingly.

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