#BlogElul Day 11: Trust

Part of the my job as Head Geek is writing. A lot of writing, actually. When I first started, I expected the usual writing concerns: the challenge of writing a specific story from a specific point of view under a deadline. The challenge of having your work edited and critiqued by other people who may not share or appreciate your style. Dealing with writer’s block. Dealing with competing requests.

But I wasn’t ready for trust issues.

I don’t mean others not trusting me to deliver, or to meet their expectations. I mean my own trust issues.

  • Will the reader want to come with me on the story I’m building?
  • Will they hold it against me if this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve written on the same subject?
  • Will they be annoyed if I say something they’ve heard before?
  • Will my editor catch my inconsistencies?

…and a million other moments of doubt which are really self-doubt.

To do this job, I find I need to re-invest in trust.

I do not need to write the DEFINITIVE essay on “xyz”. I simply have to write ONE essay on “xyz”. I need to trust that my audience (and editors) will give me permission to revise my opinion, to grow in my expertise, to expand on the original idea.

I have to trust that the reader is willing (happy, in fact) to come with me on this journey.

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