#BlogElul Day 27: Bless

As I’ve been writing each day this month, I’ve come back repeatedly to the idea that – if you choose a career in IT – it is important to find a niche (both in terms of the company where you work, the company you keep, and the work you do) that you love.

I realize this is far easier said than done. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean the effort is not worth it.

That would have been hard for me to prove until recently. I’ve been blessed this past year to have found a place as Head Geek at SolarWinds. It’s a job that engages so many facets of my experience – from my theatrical training in college to my love of writing to my years as an IT generalist, and of course my passion for monitoring. But it’s also a job that allows for the facets of my life which are not work related but equally important to me – my religious convictions, my family, and even the city where I’ve chosen to put down roots.

So I’m not going to drag this out. I have found my blessing in this work that I’m doing.

I hope in the coming year, you do, too.

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