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A daily blog-athon running from now until Oct 3rd, with hundreds of people writing a daily post on a specific theme. You are invited to participate. I am.
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Coming up soon (the evening of Oct 2nd, to be exact) is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.
As I mentioned last year (https://www.adatosystems.com/2015/08/16/zeroday-introducing-blogelul/), between now and then is a time to reflect on how the past year went so that you can commit to making adjustments in attitude and behavior so that we continue to improve as people.
To help with that, a bunch of folks from all walks of life participate in #BlogElul: A daily writing exercise that could be a single sentence, a haiku, or an 800 word essay. Each day a single word is provided as the theme, and people take it from there.
If you missed this series last year, you’re probably thinking “Leon, this is a Jewish thing and completely outside the scope of my experience.” Yes and no.
If you have worked in IT for more than 15 minutes, you’ve probably been involved in a large development project, system rollout, or upgrade. And as the date for the big cutover approaches, there are usually daily status updates. I’m taking this opportunity to set up a standing meeting and report on my progress toward the upcoming release called “MyLife, 5777”
If you are interested in joining in you can find more information on the blog of Rabbi Phyllis Sommer, the woman who started it: http://imabima.blogspot.com/2016/08/blogelul-and-elulgram-2016.html
If you have suggestions on what I should include for any of the days, let me know!
Meanwhile, here is the word list I’ll be following:
Elul 1 (Sept. 4): Prepare
Elul 2: Act
Elul 3: Search
Elul 4: Understand
Elul 5: Accept
Elul 6: Believe
Elul 7: Choose
Elul 8: Hear
Elul 9: Observe
Elul 10: Count
Elul 11: Trust
Elul 12: Forgive
Elul 13: Remember
Elul 14: Learn
Elul 15: Change
Elul 16: Pray
Elul 17: Awaken
Elul 18: Ask
Elul 19: Judge
Elul 20: Fulfill
Elul 21: Love
Elul 22: End
Elul 23: Begin
Elul 24: Hope
Elul 25: Intend
Elul 26: Create
Elul 27: Bless
Elul 28: Give
Elul 29: Return
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