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For the last few months, I’ve been working in conjunction with Gesher Cleveland to set up a program to help people in my community acquire IT skills (and subsequently an actual paying JOB in IT.). While I plan to write about this effort in greater detail later, I wanted to share the official announcement here. Never before (and, likely, never again) will you see me referred to as “an unassuming genius”. For a whole host of reasons.

You can find the announcement here. But in case it ever archives into the great bit-bucket in the sky, I’m copying it below:

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Introducing – The Upper Level

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Gesher, is launching a new program- The Upper Level, a fast track IT training program enabling members of the community to join the world of high tech. The IT field is projected to grow by 12% by 2024. The average median income for Computer & IT occupations was $81,430 in 2015.

Program Director- Leon Adato
The Upper Level is being led by Leon Adato, an unassuming genius of a man who holds the position of Head Geek for Solarwinds, Inc in Austin, TX. Adato, coding since 1989, is dedicating his vast knowledge and skill set to make this program a reality.

Self Motivated Candidates
The job skills training program is predicated on the participants’ ability to learn with minimal supervision, using pre-existing online-curriculum to drive self-study. Program staff will provide oversight, guidance, and support but not training in any significant sense.
However, The Upper Level staff will be key drivers during the assessment of incoming participants, presenting and assisting in the selection of program tracks and ongoing follow up during and after the participant has graduated.

Soft Skills
The program schedule is a rigorous one, requiring the utmost in self-discipline and motivation, prompting a highly selective application process.
Balancing the IT work will be training in non-technical career skills, such as resume writing and the interview process, as the goal of The Upper Level is to ensure that the individual graduates with a well-rounded education, with all he/ she needs to invest in his future.

First Cohort- In Session
The first cohort began several weeks ago with 8 participants. The focus is to educate graduates of Yeshiva/ Kollel in a field that caters to their sort of intelligence, character and devotion; Information Technology. Adato, in his 3rd week wrap up commented,”I am extremely excited to report that we have not only committed students, but extremely ambitious ones!”

Highest Level of Assistance
While Gesher is proud of its ability to assist those in need within the community, it is even prouder to
introduce a program such as The Upper Level, which will facilitate growth and progression among individuals, preventing the need for assistance in the future.

If you would like to share your skills and expertise with the group please email or


See you next month!

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