Breaking the Loop

There are times when doing it all over again can be part of a brand new discovery. And there are times (maybe MOST of the time) when it’s not.

There are times when doing it over is just busywork, repetition, your own little slice of Groundhog Day (but without getting Andie McDowell at the end, or becoming a surgeon, or anything).

Welcome to 80% of the work of IT. Figuring out a solution once and then doing it again and again and…

Hopefully, right about now, you are asking yourself “who would want to do that?”

If a response is known, repeatable, and predictable, shouldn’t it be automated? If a service stops, automatically restart it. If a disk is filling up, clear the temp directory. If the server has too many connections, clear the ones that are old, or stale, or showing no activity.

“But it’s not that simple” you say? Each solution is a snowflake, unique in it’s particulars? That’s fine. NOT repeatable or predictable happens too.

But if you find yourself locked into a circular routine, each ticket blurring into the previous one, it might be time to look for a pattern so you can break out of it.

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