#FeatureFriday: What is IPSLA?

Welcome to “Feature Friday”, a series of (typically short) videos which explain a feature, function, or technique.

Like NetFlow, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking IPSLA is some “new” feature that’s just come on the scene. In reality, it was part of Cisco IOS release 11.2 (as a featured called “Response Time Reporter”, or RTR) all the way back in October 1996. Later it was renamed “Service Assurance Agent” (SAA), and finally changed to it’s current moniker which stands for “Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement”.

In this video, Chris O’Brien and I talk over the things IPSLA can do for you and how it tends to be pigeon-holed into being “just good for voice monitoring” where it can actually do much, much more.

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