Nothing is New Under the Sun

Ping. SNMP. WMI. Script. API call.

As I’ve elaborated on before, monitoring hasn’t changed much in the last decade or so.

To be sure, we’ve gotten better at presenting the information. We’ve found more effecient ways to collect that same information. And we’ve done a better job of streamlining the process of enabling those collections.

At the same time, the targets of monitoring have gotten smarter. Onboard agents expose more information, or are more responsive to polling requests.

But the raw underlying techniques haven’t shifted much. And cars still burn fossil fuels (well, unless you have one of these). And children still go to school to learn (more or less) the 3r’s out of actual paper books.

Things really do stay the same more than they change.

And I’ll argue that they do so because we want them to stay the same.

More on that to come…

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