A Cornucopia

Before you know it, you have 20, or 50, or 150 monitoring tools in your company.

How does that happen?

Like most other things happen. Organically, slowly, in response to events on the ground, to pressures of time and budget and need (both real and perceived), to people’s biases.

Can you quantify which of your monitoring tools can ping? Can perform an SNMP walk? Can receive NetFlow information? Can perform a WMI query?

Of all the tools in your environment, do you know how many have features which overlap? And how much overlap?

If you had one solution which covered 90% (or even 80%) of the functionality of another tool (or more than one!), would you know? And would you know if the remaining 10-20% was essential?

And now that I’ve asked, how would you go about capturing that information?

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