Change is Good… For Other People

Things really do stay the same more than they change.

And I’ll argue that they do so because we want them to stay the same. When you are responsible for monitoring thousands of devices, and you’ve built a career on your guru-like expertise in a particular toolset, the last thing you want is for everything (or even part of everything) to change radically.

If you are a MIB wizard, your worst fear may be that everything goes to REST API calls. If you’ve spent years learning the in’s and out’s of a vendors database the last thing you want to hear is that they’re moving to noSQL.

So how will we respond to the pressures of IoT, SDN, hybrid cloud? Heck, how are we responding to the pressure of BYOD?

Are you going to try to tackle it with more of the same old?

Or is it finally time to re-think the way YOU do things, and let the vendors catch up to you for once.

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