SolarWinds 2020 Predictions: Evolving Executives in an Evolving Industry

(“In Case You Missed It Monday” is my chance to showcase something that I wrote and published in another venue, but is still relevant. This week’s post originally appeared on VMBlog)

Over the past year, we’ve seen a shift in the dynamic between technology specialists and the C-suite. While they once operated in siloes, it’s becoming clear they need to work in tandem for an effective IT strategy. Whether it’s modernizing legacy infrastructure, finding cost-effective alternatives, or anything in between, executives can lean on the expertise of IT professionals to drive optimal business performance moving forward.

Today’s executives operate in a world dominated by services. The days of CapEx IT spend and yearly budgeting are behind us. Decision-making occurs not in years and quarters, but with an in-the-moment adaptability allowing executives to remain competitive in modern business environments.

These elements are changing the makeup of C-suites. We’re seeing a shift away from boardrooms dominated by legacy executives as leadership becomes more encompassing of the skillsets needed to achieve success in today’s technology-driven economies. As executives continue to evolve in 2020 and beyond, we can also expect to see a greater convergence between the C-suite and the IT department to identify common ground to achieve modernization, digitization, and transformation.

Technologists and executives historically haven’t understood each other. This lack of understanding has added layers of complexity resulting in expensive misunderstandings for organizations as they seek to modernize. Evolved C-suites will identify this challenge and see it as an opportunity to help bridge the language gap between IT and executives.

Evolved executives will seek mentoring opportunities with tech pros to ultimately result in better use of technology for businesses. Changing the dialogue with IT means leadership won’t have to distill technical jargon, and they can more effectively work toward the common goal of ensuring business performance.

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