December Writing Challenge Day 5: Tonight in Pandemic Viewing

(This week’s post originally appeared on as a comment during the 2020 December Writing Challenge.)

What’s struck me most is how the pandemic, and 2020 overall, has affected what I WANT to watch, rather than how much of it I and my family are watching.

My already low tolerance for zombie stories (why does the carnivore population not just follow this slowly shambling, mindless, numb-to-being-chewed-on, smelly buffet of pre-aged meat and make quick business of it?) has dropped to nil. That said, the biggest conceit of those stories – someone infected but hiding it – has been sadly shown far too on the nose.

Honestly, the stories I watch are those that let me do so with others in the family. Having something to share and talk about is far more satisfying now, then simply watching a good show.

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