December Writing Challenge Day 7: Separation Anxiety

(This week’s post originally appeared on as a comment during the 2020 December Writing Challenge.)

One aspects of being a Head Geek I love the most is staying home and creating thoughtful pieces, free from the noise and interruption of the office.

And one of the aspects of being a Head Geek I love the most is traveling to gatherings of like-minded folks – whether that’s into the office in Austin or out to a SWUG or even to a far-flung convention hall packed with digital knowledge-seekers like myself.

The blessing is in the balance. The ability to not only feed my mind with new experiences and information but then having time to process and share them with others.

The separation anxiety I’ve felt, therefore, over the last few months has been the lost of that balance. And while my rational mind knows that someday soon (please God) we’ll adapt to the “Next Normal” and achieve a new balance, my irrational lizard brain continues to bang around it’s cage looking for escape.

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