December Writing Challenge Day 27: Ending My Doomscroll

(This week’s post originally appeared on as a comment during the 2020 December Writing Challenge.)

Last year @chelsia (who is, ironically, one of the folks who helps MANAGE our social media), wrote about “JOMO”, the JOY of missing out: (…). As IT folks, I think we sometimes create and then carry with us a misconception that, because we CANNOT ignore incoming data in our job (everything from monitoring to meeting requests), we are somehow able or even driven to do so with data sources outside of work.

“Geeks” are no more obligated to consume vast quantities of unhealthy information than we are the stereotypical diet of funions and Jolt cola.

In the last year it’s even more important for us to remember that we have a choice, and to exercise that choice for our ongoing mental health.

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