#BlogElul: Day Zero

For many of us, myself included, last year was a lot. Too much, in fact. Too much to keep up with. Too much to process. Too much to add one more thing.

And so #BlogElul, as much as I enjoy the challenge, was jettisoned as so many other things were.

This morning, As Rosh Chodesh davening began, it occurred to me that I might have the mental and emotional space to give it a try again. And so here we are. B’lie Neder (without a voy) I am going to give it a shot.

To do the work of considering the past year with all of it’s complexity as well as my part in it.

To look forward to the coming year and try to envision the improvements in myself I think possible, and the impact on the world around me if I succeed.

Some folks might protest, “But this is a tech blog!”.

No, this is a ME blog. I bring my whole self to my work, and likewise I bring my whole self here. There’s plenty of tech. Knowing how things have gone in the past, I’m willing to bet there will be tech tidbits in many of the daily posts over the coming month, too.

If you would like to join me on this journey, you can read more about #BlogElul on Ima On and Off the Bima’s website: http://imabima.blogspot.com/2021/07/blogelul-elulgram-2021.html

Daily prompts I’ll be writing to appear there, but for your convenience here they are as well:

Elul 1: Decide
Elul 2: Seek
Elul 3: Prepare
Elul 4: Choose
Elul 5: Commit
Elul 6: Want
Elul 7: Understand
Elul 8: Hear
Elul 9: See
Elul 10: Forgive
Elul 11: Trust
Elul 12: Count
Elul 13: Remember
Elul 14: Learn
Elul 15: Plan
Elul 16: Pray
Elul 17: Awaken
Elul 18: Ask
Elul 19: Speak
Elul 20: Fill
Elul 21: Love
Elul 22: End
Elul 23: Begin
Elul 24: Hope
Elul 25: Change
Elul 26: Create
Elul 27: Bless
Elul 28: Give
Elul 29: Return

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