#BlogElul 2: Seek

“Seeking” is desire put into action. Wanting is passive. Seeking is active.

At the same time, seeking carries with it no guarantee of success. When we are most honest with ourselves, we the act of seeking may be a fruitless endeavor.

It is this very risk that causes creates such radically different responses:

Do we embrace the journey? Open ourselves to the possibility of finding things we didn’t originally set out to discover?

Do we strictly regulate our searches? Knowing that seeking has the potential to inflict the cost of lost opportunities, do we limit ourselves to only seeking what we have a high likelihood of finding?

Do we put limits on how long, or how far, or how hard we seek?

None of these choices is inherently bad or good. All of them are appropriate at some times in our journey. If anything, the only problem is when we make the decision on how and when to see unconsciously, by wrote, or without consideration.

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