#BlogElul 18: Ask

I recently had the privilege of talking to some wonderful people who began their IT careers in the armed services, and continued that career once they left active duty. Not only were they successful in transitioning their career, they were committed to helping other service members make the same leap.

I asked then what got in people’s way, when they started to build their non-military tech career.

“Asking for help.” was the answer I got. “It’s actually bizarre, when you consider these same folks volunteered for active service, would be the first to run to the front line to help out a fellow soldier. In the field, there was no question about offering help if it was needed. But somehow, when it’s about an introduction or sharing a resume with the hiring manager, these same brave people feel it’s too much to ask.”

For many folks (and I count myself among them), asking requires enormous effort. It’s emotionally and psychologically exhausting. And that’s probably one of the reasons this season of Elul is so challenging.

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