#BlogElul 21: Love

There is a segment of the population who feels the word “love” gets over-used. So say these folks, if you use a word too often it becomes de-valued. Trite. Cliche. It loses it’s specialness, if not it’s specificity.

I don’t think “love” has that problem. If anything, I think we don’t use it enough. I think we ought to use it for the little things like ice cream and finding a quarter on the sidewalk and jeans that fit and whatever the word is when it’s hot outside and it starts to rain lightly – a nice warm misting, just enough to cool you down but not enough to drench you. And of course we ought to use it for the big things too.

I think for some words, using it more brings more of it into the world. If nothing else, it normalizes the idea of loving things, and I think we need a lot more of that right now.

So, in the name of love, here’s a very partial list of things I love. Off the top of my head:

  • My wife
  • My grandkids
  • My kids
  • My cat
  • ice cream
  • finding coins on the ground
  • leaving coins where I found them for the next person
  • the smell of cut grass
  • the small of cut grass I personally didn’t have to cut
  • the sound my arrows make when they hit dead-center on the target
  • the sound of kids laughing
  • the sound of my kids laughing
  • the sound of my kids laughing because they are seeing if they can tickle each other until one of them throws up
  • the taste of home-made baklavah
  • understanding words in another language without having to look them up
  • the sound of rain at night when I’m snug and warm inside (preferably in bed)

There’s (obviously) a whole bunch more. But this list is a start. What’s yours?

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