About AdatoSystems

Adatosystems is committed to helping organizations leverage systems management tools to increase stability, reliability, and value.

In plain English, we:

  • Install, Improve and Integrate monitoring systems and software
  • Automatically Backup and Update your WordPress website (SiteButler)
  • keep your “IT stuff” running with as little cost and effort as possible

A few of the amazing teams we’ve been privileged to work with can be found on our Customers Page. But the real story is what we can do for YOU.

There is nothing cookie-cutter about your organization, so our approach is anything but. We’ll find out your business goals, your technical challenges, and present you with options on how we can help.

You can contact us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via our Contact form below. Yes, we’re not listing a phone number or direct email here because spambots and robocallers have shown us why we can’t have nice things.

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